What You Need to Know

The barns will be available from the day before your event, to allow for deliveries, decorating and setting up and until midday on the following day to remove any remaining items. You can choose whether to bring your own food, or use one of the caterers from our list;  we are more than happy to see new caterers but they must carry out a site visit before the event so that we can meet them and explain what is required – this also helps them to provide the right number of staff.

     Boring but important:

Registrars allocate a limited time period for weddings so if you are very late they may have to go to another ceremony!

Toilets – we have a ladies and gents toilets but if your numbers are large you may need extra toilets which we can hire for you

Parking is partly in the yard and partly along private avenue – for large numbers we can use the fishery car park

Taxis – do remember to tell guests to book their taxis in advance

Leaving the party – we find it is best for the bride & groom to leave before the end so that are not swept out!

The barn will be available the next day for clearing up – if there is an event the day after next we would need you to clear up by 12:00