Get outside and back to nature

To learn Bushcraft is to become self-sufficient, acquire skills and slow down from the frantic pace of modern living


Bushcraft depends on trees. An understanding of how to use and respect trees and the wood that they provide is an essential grounding to bushcraft.

Leave no trace!

Bushcraft - Shelter
Shelter building

It is essential to learn how to survive in the wild.

That means knowing your materials, such as tarps and paracord and how to use them to build shelters that will protect you from the weather.

Using cord means learning how to tie knots (the right knots for the right purpose).

Bushcraft - fire

Learn man’s primeval relationship with fire and how essential it is to bushcraft.

Also learn how to use fire responsibly!

Our bushcraft area is set amongst trees and secluded and is a chance to get in touch with nature and away from technology.

We can provide sessions of varying length as time flies by when you are at the bushcraft area.

Just let us know what you would like to do!


Bushcraft is a great experience for kids too! You can have a Bushcraft party or a party with Bushcraft as a part of it.