The Stone Barn is a 2-storey stone-built converted farm building with 3 elements: The reception room (which opens out onto the patio), the upstairs room and the kitchen. It can be hired alone for smaller weddings or as part of a larger wedding where the Green Barn holds the main party.

Yours to decorate

The Upstairs room

Many uses

Round tables

With our 5ft round tables you can create this kind of layout

Great for ceremonies up to 80

You can use the upstairs room for ceremonies for up to 80 either as Plan A or as a backup for an Outdoor Ceremony

Or smaller events

Cool dining

The building


The building

From the left to right there is the fridge room for storing drinks, then the reception, the kitchen and the shower block including 2 disabled toilets.


The yard is a popular space, particularly when the festoon lights are on.

The Stone Barn is self-contained and with the Upstairs room, the Reception and the patio, lends itself to creating a great atmosphere for the smaller wedding.