This is our statement based on current advice. We have taken advice from as many sources as possible to develop a sensible way forward. We do hope this helps to clarify things for you. 



We at Breckenhill are watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold and like you, we are not sure what is coming next as lockdown contunues.

The Executive guidance to the normalisation indicates that large weddings may be at Step 5 which will be the last stage of release of lockdown.

There are indications that very small weddings may be permitted sooner and we at Breckenhill can cater for weddings on a small scale very easily as we have a variety of spaces and options for smaller numbers.


With this in mind we will watch the statements by the Executive and will react accordingly in the hope that we can work our way back to normal activity in a staged way and hopefully all our guests will be able to have the best wedding possible in the circumstances. We are working with our wedding couples who have upcoming weddings and are adapting with developments and if necessary rescheduling to dates in the future. We obviously hope that things will normalise soon but in the meantime we are trying to be as flexible as possible.

We have put in place the following measures:

  • Making sure that hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial soap, paper towels, signage to remind of handwashing, extra tissues are all available.
  • Ensuring that our staff have not recently returned from countries with a high incidence of coronavirus and are not showing any symptoms.  In both cases, they would be asked to self-isolate for at least 7 days.
  • Asking all other suppliers (eg caterers, DJs, bands, etc) to make sure their staff follow the hygiene guidelines and if necessary ask for their policy

Coronavirus and small weddings

As the lockdown measures slowly unfold we are finding that there is demand for small weddings. This is driven by the desire of couples to proceed with their marriage knowing that it is not yet possible to have the full-on evening party that they were hoping for.

Stormont have hinted that they will relax regulations to allow small outside ceremonies for up to 10 people from 10th June. Whilst this may be disappointing for you, you would still be able to get married at Breckenhill where we have a variety of outdoor spaces suitable for ceremonies. We have been carrying out outdoor ceremonies for nearly 12 years now so we can facilitate yours. We have still good availability at relatively short notice so if you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us.



Guests in high risk categories or travelling from high-risk areas

Having read the latest advice, the most important measures that may need to be taken are that you carefully review your guest list and identify any of your guests who are in the high-risk categories or who may live in an area with a high level of infection. You may then have to suggest that it may be wise for them not to attend. We do appreciate how this is not a nice experience for you to contemplate as some of them will be very disappointed.

You might want to consider ways of filming the event so if you were not already planning this you could offer this to guests who are unable to attend.

Live streaming would be the ideal way of delivering this and we would really appreciate you (or your photographer/videographer) contacting us if you are considering this so that we can identify and address any issues to do with adequate broadband bandwidth etc.

One of the other things that you may have to say to all your guests is that if they are feeling unwell on the day they should not attend. Hopefully this is what they would have done anyway in light of the general advice being provided.


We would also recommend that you communicate with any of your suppliers, caterers etc. and seek reassurance that they will apply all the recommended good practices in terms of staff training, recent travel and any other relevant measures.

We will update you if anything changes.  In the meantime, we are here to help guide you, and welcome the chance to discuss how we may all work towards you having an enjoyable day.